Mayor Pete Releases Some Details Of Consulting Work

Axios reports:

Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Friday released a general timeline of his roughly three years of work at consulting firm McKinsey & Co., while making another request for the company to release him from a non-disclosure agreement.

“I never worked on a project inconsistent with my values, and if asked to do so, I would have left the firm rather than participate.”

McKinsey — which has long held its employees to tight NDAs to protect clients and its business — came under fire in a new ProPublica report that found the company made ICE officers uncomfortable when it recommended ICE cut spending on food and medical care for detainees, in order to save money.

The New York Daily News reports:

Buttigieg said in a campaign statement listed seven projects he worked on between 2007 and 2010. Buttigieg also said that because of a non-disclosure agreement, he couldn’t release his client list, and that his campaign has unsuccessfully reached out to McKinsey multiple times to lift the NDA.

His clients, he said, included a chain of retail stores in Toronto, a climate-change project in Connecticut, and a US government effort to increase entrepreneurship in Iraq and Afghanistan.