“Jew Coup” Pastor: The Nazis Were Demonic, Socialist, Militant Homosexuals Who Persecuted Christians

As longtime JMG readers know, I’ve been reporting on Pastor Rick Wiles’ anti-LGBT batshittery for years, but Wiles only recently got national headlines when he declared that the impeachment effort is a “Jew coup.”

Mainstream and Christian outlets have since noted that despite Wiles’ long history of naked anti-Semitism, his cable outlet has White House credentials and was even part of the official press contingent at the recent NATO summit.

Among those critical of Wiles in the Christian press is anti-LGBT activist Michael Brown, who called out Wiles last week in a widely-published op-ed. Here’s a bit of Wiles’ response:

This publication recently published an op-ed written by Michael Brown in which he slanderously called me a neo-Nazi. His libelous accusations cannot go unanswered.

I am a born-again, Spirit-filled, Bible-believing disciple of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Nazis were a political movement of demon-possessed, occult-inspired, socialist, militant homosexuals who persecuted the Confessing Church in Germany.

And that’s just the opener. Wiles goes on to list all the Jewish members of Congress. 

The link above is from the extremist Christian site Charisma News, which calls Wiles a “respected man.”

Read the full thing, including Brown’s response, if you can bear it. Note that Brown did not call Wiles a “Nazi,” he cited a Jewish publication that did so.