House Intel Committee Releases Impeachment Report

CNN reports:

House Intelligence Committee Democrats have released their report on Tuesday detailing how President Donald Trump sought political gain through his dealings with Ukraine. The report lays out the historical precedent for impeaching a president, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

The report from the House Intelligence Committee makes the Democrats’ case for impeachment, weaving a narrative about Trump’s handling of Ukraine, including with exhibits and phone logs, the sources said. The report will also compare Trump’s lack of cooperation with Congress with the cooperation in past administrations to argue that this President has engaged in unprecedented stonewalling.

The committee’s report serves as the backbone of the Democrats’ impeachment proceedings against the President. The committee is expected to vote to approve it on Tuesday evening to send it to the House Judiciary Committee, where it is expected to serve as the basis of articles of impeachment that would be drafted by that panel in the coming days.