Hannity Gives Out Phone Number Of Georgia Gov So Radio Listeners Can Complain About His Senate Pick

“They don’t even want to hear from a conservative or conservatives that without whose help Kemp doesn’t become the governor. I guess, I don’t know the way the president has weighed in but my sources have told me he’s apoplectic about it.

“No experience, he’s like why are you bringing this person to meet me, one of my sources told me. Now he’s not going to come on a conservative’s radio show. They said no for tomorrow too. No time at all today. Not a second of free time to even call in and explain why he’s doing this before he does it.

“Doesn’t want to hear from we the people. Lynda [producer] wants me to give out the number of the governor’s office. He’s not going to talk to me. I’m going to give it out now. If you want it.” – Sean Hannity, on today’s radio show.