Franklin Graham Defends Trump: I Am Also “Immoral”

“Liberal-leaning Christianity Today said that President Donald J. Trump should be removed from office because he is ‘profoundly immoral.’ Really? Profoundly? What does that even mean?

“Is profoundly immoral worse than mildly immoral, or slightly immoral, or worse than just being plain old immoral? It’s like when someone tells a lie—does it matter if it was an all-out lie or just a little white lie?

“No, both are lies. The Bible says all have sinned. That’s clear. The Bible doesn’t call us big sinners or little sinners, we’re just all sinners. The most important question is whether we have been forgiven.

“Speaking as someone who is profoundly immoral, I’m just thankful that I have been PROFOUNDLY FORGIVEN.” – Franklin Graham, posting to his Faceboook page.