FRANCE: Teenage Boy Kills Alleged Pedophile Catholic Priest By Shoving Crucifix Down His Abuser’s Throat

Catholic news site The Tablet reports:

Fr Roger Matassoli, 91, was found dead on 4 November at his home near Beauvais, choked by a crucifix stuffed down his throat. There were also multiple blows to his body. A 19-year-old suspect named Alexandre was soon arrested but has been held in hospital because he appeared delirious.

A month later, the suspect’s father told a newspaper the priest had abused him years ago and still influenced him as an adult. Matassoli later abused Alexandre and had him clean his house while naked.

The father, given the pseudonym Stéphane by the daily Le Parisien, said the abuse had worsened Alexandre’s mental problems. Stéphane’s own father – Alexandre’s grandfather – took his life on learning his son was abused and Stéphane has attempted suicide himself.