Fox News Columnist: Foreign Leaders Laugh At Trump Because They’re Jealous That He “Dominates The Show”

“I think they’re extremely uncomfortable around our president because he comes over there and he dominates the show. Which of those foreign leaders would not happily change place with Donald Trump, with his economy? And yes, in fact, his rising approval ratings.

“The truth is that the president has led to a moment in NATO where they have to reassess their commitments, they have to reassess their commitments to each other and to the organization. I think they kind of can’t believe that after 40 years, that an American president has finally got this done.

“Are they laughing at him? In the same way, possibly, that you and I laugh when he says something that is hilarious — and he is hilarious, a good deal of the time.” – Fox News columnist Liz Peek, this afternoon.