Evangelist Protects Trump From Wizards, Witch Doctors, Sorcerers, Voodoo, Hexes, Vexes, Spells, Beads, Bones

“Father, we send out legions of mighty warrior angels according to Hebrews. We cage and CHAIN those devils that are operating against Donald J. Trump. We loose a wall of fire of the Holy Ghost around Donald J. Trump and America. Father, we lift up Donald J. Trump and his family to you and Satan, we BIND you and rebuke you and render you powerless. And your workers of inequity, powerless right now against Donald J. Trump.

“We BIND the strongmen assigned to Donald J. Trump in the might name of Jesus. We cut and bring to naught the power of the witch, the wizards, the warlocks, the witch doctors, the magi, the debonators, all sorcerers, high priests sending attacks against him and God’s people.  We SEVER the silver cords of every spirit that’s astral-projecting, even human spirits.

“In the MIGHTY name of Jesus, we cut off every ritual, custom, ceremony, curse, hex, vex, spell, incantation, chant, evil spoken judgement, magic, evil prayer, dance, trance, animal and human sacrifices, drums, shells, beads, bones, candles, pins, nails, voodoo, hoodoo, hooloo, joodoo, Santeria. Cut these supply lines off in the mighty name of Jesus!” – Scamvangelist Sheila Zilinsky.

The remix of this should be awesome.

Full disclosure: I have no idea what “debonators” are or what “hoodoo, hooloo, joodoo” is supposed to refer to.

Ms. Zilinksy first appeared on JMG in 2017 when she revealed that the NFL is secretly brainwashing its fans with anti-Christian “gamma rays.”

Mekka lekka high, mekka hiney ho.