Christian Activist: Trump Sleeping With 1000 Women Is “Perfectly Normal” But Mayor Pete Is “Beyond Wicked”

“If a man cannot figure out what to do with his sexual organs, he has no business being in the White House. Donald Trump sleeping with a thousand women — I don’t know — is a perfectly normal human response, but immoral.

“But Mayor Pete Buttplug — I said that again on purpose—what he is doing is not only immoral, it’s unnatural, it’s a crime against nature.

“It doesn’t even make sense, yet people are actively considering allowing that man to be president of the United States. It’s beyond wicked.” – Dave Daubenmire, whose adult son was convicted on child porn charges.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Daubenmire says diversity is “cultural AIDS.” Daubenmire says masturbation is “homo sex.” Daubenmire says homosexuality is like “smoking crack.” Daubenmire claims “big business” is secretly using fetal tissue in “food supplements, additives, sweeteners.” Daubenmire claims homosexuality is caused by vaccinations. Daubenmire declares that God killed the Las Vegas concertgoers for their sins. Daubenmire praises a fellow Christian activist’s call to publicly hang California Gov. Jerry Brown. Daubenmire declares that Satan caused the Pulse massacre so that Obama can grab everybody’s guns.