Brian Brown: Hallmark’s Surrender To LGBT Bullies Proves We Must Stop Equality Act So Send Money

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

There are precious few family-friendly entertainment options today, so it’s a shame that parents who wish to shield their children from controversial, anti-biblical, presentations until parents themselves decide to raise these subjects with their kids can no longer trust the Hallmark Channel to respect their values.

Still, the Hallmark Channel is a private company and they can choose to alienate a large portion of their viewership by kowtowing to the political demands of the left if they wish – and risk the resulting ratings decline that is sure to come.

But if pending federal legislation were to pass, this type of thing will not only become more frequent, it may even be considered “discriminatory” not to advance the LGBT agenda.

The grossly-misnamed “Equality Act” would impose large elements of the radical LGBT agenda by redefining the term “sex” to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” We call the legislation the InEquality Act because of the one-sided way in which it benefits the LGBT community at the expense of every other American, especially people of faith.

The Senate will be back in Session on January 6th. Once it deals with the impeachment matter, there’s going to be a strong push to pass legislation like the InEquality Act to show special interests why they should open their checkbooks to fund Senate election campaigns.

We don’t make campaign contributions, so it is imperative that we take on this legislation based on the substance of the bill.  Please help us ramp up activities in opposition to this dangerous legislation by making a generous contribution today.