Brian Brown: Donate Now To Stop The “InEquality Act”

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Joe Biden leads the Democrat presidential field in nationwide polling. He’s coming off his strongest debate performance of the campaign and his fundraising is going well.

So, what is the top priority for the leading Democrat candidate should he be elected? The economy? Ending poverty? Helping the middle class? Fighting climate change? Lowering prescription drug prices? No, it’s none of those things:

Joe Biden has declared his top legislative priority to be enacting the grossly misnamed Equality Act! Besides being an incredibly stupid thing to declare to be your top priority running for president given the tiny portion of the population that is said to be LGBT, Biden’s bodacious boast shows the incredible power that LGBT extremists enjoy within the Democrat base.

Biden is angling to secure their support and, perhaps as important, mute the advance of Pete Buttigieg, the openly-gay mayor of South Bend whose campaign is funded with massive amounts of LGBT money and who is gaining ground on Biden.

The InEquality Act has already passed the US House of Representatives and could come up for a vote soon in the US Senate. It’s the greatest legislative threat we’ve ever faced. NOM has been fighting the legislation as hard as possible for many months, but we need to devote additional resources to the battle to ensure we prevail. Can I count on you to help?

There’s a lot of work to do to defeat the InEquality Act. In addition to all the grassroots work we’ve been doing to mobilize people against the legislation, we also need to make a major push to expose just how extreme the legislation really is – including its attempts to outlaw as discrimination the demonstration of support for a biblical understanding of marriage.

The Senate will be back in Session on January 6th. Please help us be in a strong position to defeat this dangerous legislation by making a generous contribution today.

As is typical NOM’s money begs, the email is laden with 16 separate links to their donation page.