Bernie: My Delayed Endorsement Didn’t Hurt Hillary

The Iowa Press reports:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) dismissed Hillary Clinton’s recent suggestion that his decision to not endorse her more quickly after the two battled for the Democratic nomination in 2016 ended up hurting her in the general election against Republican Donald Trump. “I’m sorry that Hillary Clinton is rerunning 2016,” Sanders, who is running for president again, said in a recent wide-ranging interview with Iowa Press.

Clinton said last week in an interview with Howard Stern that Sanders could have endorsed her sooner in the 2016 race, adding that “there’s no doubt about it, he hurt me.” Sanders, however, rejected Clinton’s claims. “What I tried to do after the primary was to sit down with her staff, and we did, to create a Democratic platform that was a progressive as it could be. And that ended up happening,” Sanders said.