Amazon To Open Offices In Manhattan’s Hudson Yards

CBS News reports:

Amazon is coming to New York City after all. The company is planning to open up an office space in the new Hudson Yards neighborhood on the west side of Manhattan. The office will reportedly be a base for 1,500 employees in the consumer and advertising departments. The announcement comes after a tumultuous fight earlier in the year which saw the online giant pull out of a plan to build its new HQ2 headquarters in Long Island City.

That aborted project divided much of the city, with many fighting against the move over fears Amazon’s arrival would raise rents and push out less affluent New Yorkers. Others, including Gov. Cuomo, were left irate after the deal’s implosion and the loss of thousands of high-paying jobs that would have reportedly been created in New York. The new 335,000 square foot office will reportedly be located in the space on 34th Street and 10th Avenue.