YouTube Bans Sebastian Gorka For Copyright Violations

The Daily Beast reports:

YouTube banned Sebastian Gorka from its platform on Monday, apparently because the former Trump White House adviser refused to stop playing songs from pop rock band Imagine Dragons on episodes of his radio show that were later uploaded to the site.

Gorka, a notoriously combative Trump ally, has regularly played Imagine Dragons songs on his radio show, “America First.” That’s put him at odds with the band’s lead singer, Dan Reynolds, who has been calling on Gorka to stop using the band’s songs on his show since August.

Gorka’s channel was deleted from YouTube on Monday afternoon, with a YouTube spokesperson confirming to The Daily Beast that Gorka’s channel “was terminated due to multiple copyright strikes.” The YouTube spokesperson declined to say what song had prompted the copyright takedown notices. But the complaints were filed by Universal Music Publishing Group.

You may recall that Dan Reynolds is an ardent LGBT ally and last year raised over $1 million with a concert to benefit the Trevor Project and other LGBTQ youth groups.