Women For Trump Co-Chair: Thanks To The President, Women Are Truly Equal For The First Time Ever [VIDEO]

“He has been the women’s president. This president has done more for women — it’s unparalleled. There’s no president that even comes close to having done for women what this president has done for women, and the things that this president has done for women will be a legacy to our daughters, to our granddaughters, to our great-granddaughters. We are truly equal for the first time ever. And we have to re-elect this president in 2020.” – Gina Loudon, co-chair of Women For Trump.

Loudon first appeared on JMG in September 2018 for claiming that her new book “scientifically proves” that Trump is the most “sound-minded” president in history.

She returned to JMG a few days later when it was revealed that her book also falsely describes her as having a doctorate in psychology. “Dr.” Loudon then blocked me on Twitter when I asked if she any degrees at all.