WASHINGTON: Leaked Chats Show Violent Fantasies From “Death To Non-Christians” Republican State Rep

The Guardian reports:

Leaked Signal messages from an online chat network around six-term Washington state Republican representative Matt Shea show new evidence of violent fantasies, surveillance of perceived adversaries, conspiracy thinking, Islamophobia, and support for white nationalists.

The messages from the chat group, exchanged between October 2017 and October 2018, show Shea’s network includes other serving, former and aspiring rightwing politicians from Idaho and Washington, alongside activists associated with militia groups, anti-environmental causes, and pro-gun activism.

They also show participants, including Shea, preparing for economic and societal collapse even as they campaign for the secession of eastern Washington from the remainder of the state. Participants frequently expressed a belief civil war was coming.

Hit the link for the rest. Whoa.

Shea last appeared on JMG when it was revealed he helped an extremist group train young men in “biblical warfare.”

In May 2019 we reported that he had hosted a fundraiser to create a 51st “Christian state” out of bits of Washington and Idaho.

Last November, Shea was exposed for distributing a manifesto calling for the executions of all males who “flout biblical law.”

Two weeks later he easily won reelection.