Warren Bashes Bloomberg: Billionaires Get To Have More Everything But They Don’t Get More Democracy

“I understand rich people are going to have more shoes of the rest of us.  They’re going to have more cars than the rest of us. They’re going to have more houses. But they don’t get a bigger share of democracy. Especially in a Democratic primary.

“We need to be doing the face-to-face work that lifts every voice. That’s how we get this country to work. Not just for those at the top, but get it to work for everyone. We have a country that works great for billionaires. Works great for corporate executives.

“But it’s not working for the rest of America. And if the only way that Democrats can pick a nominee is to go to the billionaires and corporate executives, then we’re going to have a country that keeps working better and better for those at the top.” – Elizabeth Warren.