Trump Worries Homocon Drudge Has Turned On Him

Glorious Leader is very worried about his favorite homocon:

It’s been one media outlet in particular that has caught the president’s ire, even though it has so far been spared his Twitter rage: the Drudge Report. Publicly, Trump hasn’t said a peep about the highly popular news aggregator run by right-wing media impresario Matt Drudge. But privately, he has simmered over the critical coverage that the site has run and linked to, with regards to the impeachment proceedings.

“What’s going on with Drudge?” Trump has been asking allies since Democratic lawmakers launched the impeachment probe in late September. In recent weeks, Trump has even asked Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and a top White House official—who has had a friendly relationship with the site’s creator—to “look into it” and reach out to Drudge, the sources said. It is unclear if Kushner has done so. The White House and Drudge did not respond to requests for comment on this story as of press time.

According to the above-linked report, Trump receives a daily package of printouts of Drudge headlines since he’s never used a computer himself.