Trump Met With Boos At Madison Square Garden

Newsweek reports:

President Donald Trump received heavy booing on Saturday night as he attended an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event in New York City.

Though some cheered upon the president’s arrival into Madison Square Garden for UFC 244—who entered alongside his two sons, some high-ranking Republicans, UFC President Dana White and a handful of Secret Service agents—boos dominated from the sell-out crowd, according to videos shared on social media.

An anti-Trump protest was also staged outside the arena—New York’s most storied venue that lies in the heart of the city that Trump had previously called his home. A number of people tweeted footage of the booing and added their reactions to the jeering.

The New York Daily News reports:

Two groups of about 150 anti-Trump protesters — from groups called Refuse Fascism and Rise and Resist — massed in front of the Garden’s main entrance on Seventh Ave.

“People are feeling helpless, like they have no power … We are trying to avert an existential threat,” said Jane Aptaker of Harlem, who was protesting with Refuse Fascism. A third group of Trump supporters — some wearing MAGA hats — was nearby.

“I’m here supporting my president … I don’t really care what the man says or how he talks or how he acts. You know, what I’m more concerned with is what he’s doing for our country,” said Joanne Vaccarella, a New Jersey resident. Police kept the groups apart.

As some of you know, I was outside the Garden last night to join friends in Rise And Resist.