Trump Advisor Floats Deep Middle Class Tax Cuts

The Hill reports:

Stephen Moore — a fellow at the Heritage Foundation who played a key role in developing President Trump’s tax proposals in 2016 — said Tuesday that he’s pitched several tax plan ideas for the president’s reelection campaign, including consolidating the number of tax brackets from seven “to potentially three or four.”

Moore told The Hill on Tuesday that one idea he’s proposed would reduce the middle-income tax rate to as low as 15 percent. Moore also said he’s proposed to the White House providing more tax-free savings accounts that would be targeted to the middle class.

Additionally, Moore said he’s floated an idea that would allow people not to have to pay capital gains taxes if they sell an investment and then use the money to buy a new stock.

You may recall that Moore’s advice of tax cuts to then-Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback nearly drove the state to bankruptcy.