Tony Perkins: Pray Against “Egregious Sin” Of Sex Ed

From the Family Research Council’s prayer of the day:

On Tuesday morning, October 29th, just after midnight, the Austin, Texas Independent School District (AISD) unanimously approved a new sex-ed program to be taught to children in grades 3-8, despite overwhelming opposition by district parents. What happens in our public schools will rapidly impact our culture, whether we opt our children out or not.

Austin’s KVUE reported that in addition to sexual orientation, the curriculum includes lessons on pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted diseases, and consent, and will be taught beginning in May. Gender identity, attraction, and sexual orientation lessons would begin at the fifth-grade level. Are you ready in your community for a curriculum like this?

Father, may each of us rise to our responsibility as parents and require that anyone we delegate authority to educate our children fear God and teach them truth that is compatible with your commands — truth and not lies. If our schools teach and promote egregious sin in any of their curriculum, can they be trusted to teach truth in the rest? Lord, you have given us a charge to teach and train our children.

Teach every believing parent and show them what they must do. Protect our children. Grant our teachers, administers, and government official repentance and faith. May they be used to teach and protect our children and not be subject to the harsh judgment you promise those who bring harm to any child. Only you can send revival that will impact our entire nation. (Gen 18:19; Lev 18: all; Jer 10:2; Mt 18:6; Jude l)