Televangelist Perry Stone Warns Democrats: Back Off Donald Trump Or We Will Have God Strike You Down

“What the ungodly, unbiblical, Christ-haters in America do not understand is that the true body of Christ that prays in the Holy Ghost, that has the power of God — and there are many of us, there are millions of us in America.

“If we so choose and decide to set out heart and our mind to fasting and prayer, we can move the hand of God to do anything that he would desire to do and give him the will—we have to choose, of course—to have his freedom, to say, ‘God, go do your thing right now.’

“This is going on the internet and I’m sure somebody will pick up what I’ve said. Right Wing Watch, I know you watch me, so go ahead and post what I just said and let’s see what happens. And then when it happens, you can apologize for being an idiot.”

As you’ll see in the clip, Pastor Just For Men isn’t exactly the most butch guy you’ll run across today.

He last appeared on JMG when he was busted checking his text messages while pretending to speak in tongues.

In 2015 he warned of a meteor that God will would be aiming at America because gay something something.