Stacey Abrams Would Be “Happy” To Serve As Veep

The Washington Post reports:

Abrams was there to talk about voting rights. But, as often happens at her public appearances, a question came up: Would she be willing to serve as vice president? “I’m happy to do so,” she said, to applause and cheers from the crowd.

Abrams’s Iowa appearance points to the delicate needle she has been threading since her 2018 loss — even as she has declined to run for Senate, saying she wants to focus on voting rights, she has remained a top-tier player in the Democratic Party, frequently mentioned as a potential vice president.

It’s speculation she herself has encouraged. Asked about it during a talk at a church in Washington in September, Abrams said it would be “disingenuous” to say she wasn’t interested in the role. “I’m pretty good at campaigning,” she said, also citing her experience in politics, business and activism.