SCOTUS Rejects Final Appeal From Pharma Douche

CBNC reports:

The Supreme Court on Monday denied notorious “pharma bro” Martin Shkreli’s request to hear an appeal of his criminal conviction for securities fraud.

The rejection means that Shkreli, 36, will have to serve out the remainder of his seven-year prison term, and forfeit more than $6.4 million.

Shkrekli’s appellate lawyer, Mark Baker, told CNBC that “all [Supreme Court] petitions are long shots.” “We’re obviously disappointed, and there’s not much more that I can add,” Baker said.

Reuters reports:

Shkreli, 36, argued that the jury instructions about the harm to his investors undermined his defense that he had acted in good faith. Shkreli also said the forfeiture was excessive because some investors received profits.

He is also known for his frequent use of social media, including when during his trial he offered $5,000 for a strand of former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s hair. Bail was revoked after Shkreli made that offer.