Salvation Army “Saddened” By New Chick-Fil-A Policy

Fox News reports:

The Salvation Army has responded to Chick-fil-A’s announcement Monday that the fast-food chain’s charitable arm will not be donating to the faith-based organization in 2020, despite providing donations to the organization for several years. “We’re saddened to learn that a corporate partner has felt it necessary to divert funding to other hunger, education and homelessness organizations — areas in which The Salvation Army, as the largest social services provider in the world, is already fully committed,” part of the statement read.

The Christian organization — and Chick-fil-A itself — have been criticized for their stances toward same-sex marriage, and other issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community, with many accusing the brands of being anti-LFBTQ+. However, the Salvation Army has defended its practices as helping all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation. “We serve more than 23 million individuals a year, including those in the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, we believe we are the largest provider of poverty relief to the LGBTQ+ population.

Here’s a flashback to 2012:

Just in time to ruin Gay Pride month, a media relations director for the Salvation Army had no problem reminding us and the queer journalists he was talking to that gays should be put to death.

In talking to Australian queer journalists Serena Ryan and Pete Dillon on their Salt and Pepper radio show, Major Andrew Craibe, a media relations director for one of the organization’s Australian branches, had this exchange with the hosts:

Ryan: “According to the Salvation Army, [gay people] deserve death. How do you respond to that, as part of your doctrine?”  Craibe: “Well, that’s a part of our belief system.” Ryan: “So we should die.” Craibe: “You know, we have an alignment to the Scriptures, but that’s our belief.”

These days Salvation Army USA has section of their website dedicated to offering support to the LGBT community.