Revealed: Giuliani Sought Shady Ukraine Bank As Client

Bloomberg reports:

Rudy Giuliani discussed representing a state-owned Ukrainian bank in a legal dispute over the summer even while publicly pressing Ukraine on behalf of the U.S. president. Though he ultimately did not take on the client, the talks expose his enthusiasm for foreign business and his willingness to insert himself in matters rife with potential conflicts.

In fact, the Ukrainian bank is entangled in a legal dispute with its former owner who has ties to Ukraine’s president and is the subject of a federal investigation in the U.S.

The dispute between Privatbank and the previous owner, Igor Kolomoisky, is politically charged. Ukraine’s last administration nationalized the bank in 2016 and accused Kolomoisky and his co-founder of making away with billions of dollars. Civil suits have followed as the bank seeks to recoup various assets in the U.S. and U.K. as ill-gotten proceeds.

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