REPORT: Mayor Pete Targets Warren In Iowa Messaging

CNN reports:

In the first few minutes of his bus tour that began Saturday, Pete Buttigieg said he misspoke. He hadn’t meant to say that the 2020 Democratic primary was a two-person race between himself and Elizabeth Warren. His message this weekend, however, told a markedly different story. Buttigieg spent much of his time on his three-day, 330-plus mile bus tour through northern Iowa preaching the need for unity, drawing a not-so-subtle contrast with Warren’s focus on fighting.

Buttigieg, in both conversations with reporters and voters, argued that Warren’s message is divisive, questioned the impact that calls for “purity” will have on both the race for the White House and Congress and decried her “my way or the highway approach.” He denied that he is overlooking Biden and Sanders — calling them “formidable” in the state — but spent far more time this weekend subtly contrasting himself to the Massachusetts senator.

Interesting piece. Read it all.