Rand Paul Spurs Russian Media To ID Whistleblower

The Daily Beast reports:

Standing beside an approving Donald Trump at a rally in Kentucky on Monday night, Republican Sen. Rand Paul demanded the media unmask the whistleblower whose report about the president’s alleged abuse of power dealing with Ukraine sparked impeachment proceedings. American news organizations resisted the pressure, but — in a 2019 re-play of “Russia, if  you’re listening” — Kremlin-controlled state media promptly jumped on it.

Very quickly after Sen. Paul tweeted out an article that speculated in considerable detail about the identity of the whistleblower — with a photograph, a name, and details about the purported political history of a CIA professional — Russian state media quickly followed suit. As if on cue, the Kremlin-controlled heavy hitters — TASS, RT, Rossiya-1 — disseminated the same information.