Pentagon Contractor Charged In “Made In USA” Scam

Courthouse News reports:

Federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment Thursday that charges a Long Island tech company with rebranding Chinese-made security equipment as “Made in the U.S.A.” before selling them to the U.S. military. The complaint takes aim at Aventura Technologies Inc., run by Jack Cabasso, which allegedly raked in $88 million, including more than $20 million in federal government contracts, through the conspiracy since 2006.

“As they operated this scheme for more than a decade, the owners and operators of Aventura were rich, trading our national security for personal profit,” U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue told reporters this morning at his Brooklyn office. Cabasso’s wife, Frances Cabasso, is charged as well. Though she worked as a bookkeeper at an unrelated company, Frances allegedly pretended to be Aventura’s CEO so the company could access government grants intended for small women-owned businesses.