NRA Drops Suit Against SF Over “Terrorist” Labeling

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

The National Rifle Association on Thursday backed away from a lawsuit against San Francisco for labeling the gun group as a “domestic terrorist organization,” after city officials made it clear they were only expressing an opinion and not ordering an economic boycott.

The dismissal was far from harmonious, though. The NRA said it had forced San Francisco to back down, while the city said it wouldn’t be silenced. San Francisco supervisors voted unanimously Sept. 3 to classify the powerful firearms advocacy group as a sponsor of terrorism and to urge other cities, states and the federal government to follow suit.

Supervisor Catherine Stefani introduced the resolution two days after the Gilroy Garlic Festival shootings in July that killed four people, including the gunman, and wounded 17. She blamed the NRA for the proliferation of guns in the United States and the increasingly common mass shootings.

(Tipped by JMG reader Drew)