Northwestern Students Rain Protest On Jeff Sessions

The Daily Northwestern reports:

Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has championed students’ rights to free speech on college campuses throughout the country. On Tuesday, he spoke against the students protesting a talk he gave at Lutkin Hall on Tuesday, criticizing what he called their “stupidity” and adding that Northwestern should not tolerate such behavior.

“I’m just going to tell you, this is stupid,” Sessions remarked as students pounded on the door to the auditorium and recited phrases like “F–k Jeff Sessions” and “You are a racist, you put kids in cages.”

“They can have a right to do it, OK, but at some point I have to speak,” added the former Republican U.S. Senator from Alabama. ”You shouldn’t be blaming young Republicans for meticulously defending their beliefs and putting up with this kind of trash.”

Axios reports:

Sessions was escorted from Northwestern University in Illinois Tuesday night under heavy security after student demonstrators tried to stop him from giving a speech, reports Fox News, which labeled it a “cancel culture” protest.

Sessions managed to deliver his speech, titled “The Real Meaning of the Trump Agenda,” sponsored by Northwestern’s College Republicans. Sessions resigned in November last year at the request of Trump, who blamed him for then-special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.