Linda Harvey: LGBTs Can Never Celebrate Thanksgiving

Hate group leader Linda Harvey writes for LifeSiteNews:

It’s that time of year when being grateful rises to the top of our priority list — for most of us, that is. Ingratitude forms a core ingredient of the “LGBT” community, the pro-abortion movement, and the left in general. It contrasts sharply with the path along which we are led as Christians. Where does the unrepentant heart go if we allow it?

Among homosexuals and the gender-rebellious, parents and genetic heritage are often held in contempt. Heterosexuals are nicknamed “breeders” among these enlightened sexual rebels. It doesn’t end there. In a bigger sense, there’s a ready dismissiveness of American exceptionalism, Western civilization, and the peaceful affluence — a rarity in history — we enjoy here in the USA.

The internet is replete with homosexual/transgender hostility toward parents, those who lovingly provided a home, allowance, support, and often college tuition, not to mention the child’s genetic heritage — and receive derision and scorn in return from sexually sinful or gender-deviant children. The tears of these parents could fill a cathedral. God knows their pain.