Kellyanne Conway Rages At Wolf Blitzer For Daring To Bring Up Her Husband: You Just Embarrassed Yourself

The Hill reports:

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway confronted CNN’s Wolf Blitzer after the anchor during a morning interview introduced a clip of Conway’s husband making critical comments of President Trump as part of MSNBC’s coverage of Wednesday’s impeachment hearing. Conway accused CNN of embarrassing itself by playing the remarks from frequent Trump critic George Conway, suggesting it was only doing so in a bid to drive ratings and make her look bad.

“It’s the same stuff all the time. What you just quoted is said every day by other voices but you wanted to put it in my husband’s voice because you think somehow that that will help your ratings or that you’re really sticking it to Kellyanne Conway,” she said after the clip was aired. “Where is the shame, where is the introspection,” Conway said. “I think you embarrassed yourself and I’m embarrassed for you because this is CNN now?” she said.