Jury Begins Deliberations In Roger Stone’s Trial

Courthouse News reports:

Truth still matters” was the resounding close from the Justice Department in the final moments of Trump confidant Roger Stone’s trial in Washington. Federal prosecutors urged the jury set to begin deliberations Thursday morning to convict Stone on charges he lied to Congress about a back channel to WikiLeaks head Julian Assange during the 2016 election. The government has built its case against Stone by saying the defendant lied because “the truth looked bad for Donald Trump.”

Stone has pleaded not guilty to all charges and faces 20 years imprisonment if found guilty. His trial unfolded in six days with four government witnesses including top Trump insiders. A trove of emails and texts presented as evidence show tireless efforts by Stone to funnel reports of upcoming WikiLeaks dumps up through the Trump campaign in 2016. Testimony from top campaign aide Rick Gates proved it paid off.