Junior Rages: Democrats Are Using “Gestapo Tactics”

“This is kangaroo court stuff, this is Soviet-era tactics And it’s being pushed out there by the quote unquote ‘party of tolerance,’ they’re not so tolerant when you don’t agree with them, they’re far from it, frankly, there’s nothing less tolerant than a leftist who’s preaching tolerance. And we’ve seen all of that, so the whole thing is crazy and the fact that the media is totally complicit in it.

“They won’t question the process or say ‘is this even remotely fair that the President can’t ask questions, can’t have his counsel present?’ This is Gestapo tactics used against the duly elected President of the United States of America to try and overturn an election because they didn’t like the results.” – Donald Trump Jr., calling in to Sean Hannity’s show.