ITALY: Death-To-Gays Group Crowns “Miss Hitler”

The Daily Beast reports:

The tattoo of a shoulder-to-shoulder Nazi eagle above a swastika spanning the back of Francesca Rizzi leaves little to the imagination about her political ideology. The 36-year-old winner of an online beauty pageant in which she was crowned “Miss Hitler” was one of 19 people across Italy put under formal investigation this week for illegally forming a Nazi political party.

Her co-collaborators include a 50-year-old female civil servant named Antonella Pavia from Padua who dubbed herself “Hitler’s Sergeant Major” and a former mobster from the Calabria ‘Ndrangheta mafia who was allegedly in charge of militant training.

The arrests this week have uncovered an intricate network of hate across the country with group members communicating on a closed group called “Militia” on the Russian social networking service VK. Among the messages were calls for “mass castration and extinction” of Jews and gays.

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