Hannity: Marie Yovanovitch Will “Cry On Cue” Today

The Daily Beast reports:

On the eve of Friday’s open impeachment hearing featuring former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, Fox News host Sean Hannity suggested Yovanovitch may look to create more drama by crying “on cue” throughout the proceedings. During his show-opening monologue on Thursday, Hannity once again took aim at Yovanovitch over her testimony last month that she was told someone at the State Department “would place a call to Mr. Hannity” to get to the bottom of media attacks against her last spring.

“Well, you remember, she’s the one that suggested that yours truly somehow played a role in her dismissal,” Hannity declared. “I will remind her that is a lie and a complete fabrication.” The pro-Trump host went on to insist that his show only mentioned her name “in passing” and in “one report,” all while warning Yovanovitch and others that he might sue them if they don’t “stop spreading bogus rumors and smears about” him.