GOP Senator Reverses On Ukraine: “I Was Wrong”

Politico reports:

Sen. John N. Kennedy (R-La.) walked back on a comment he made Sunday supporting the debunked theory that Ukraine hacked the Democratic National Committee’s emails in 2016. “I was wrong,” Kennedy said Monday night on CNN. “The only evidence I have, and I think it’s overwhelming, is that it was Russia to tried to hack the DNC computer.”

Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday asked Kennedy whom he believed was responsible for the 2016 hack, noting that the U.S. intelligence community resoundingly agree Russia was behind the attack. But Kennedy responded, “It could also be Ukraine.”

But speaking with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday, Kennedy said he misheard Wallace’s question. The ardent Trump ally said he’d thought Wallace had said only Russia interfered in the 2016 election, and Kennedy was skeptical of ruling out Ukrainian involvement as well.

He didn’t “mishear” the question. He’s backtracking because he just endured 24 hours of nationwide ridicule.