Fox has Aired Nearly Every Minute Of Trump’s Rallies

Media Matters reports:

President Donald Trump held his 17th campaign rally of the year, and his third in the past week, on Wednesday night in Monroe, Louisiana, showing his support for the state’s Republican gubernatorial candidate ahead of next Tuesday’s special election.

Throughout 2019, Fox News has regularly preempted its normal prime-time programming to show the president’s rallies, airing almost every one of the events in its entirety and giving over 20 hours of free, uninterrupted airtime to Trump and the Republican politicians he has been stumping for.

CNN has aired just under 10 minutes of Trump’s rallies live, and a minute and a half of that time was footage of the president’s response to the April 27 synagogue shooting in Poway, California. MSNBC has not aired any of Trump’s rallies in 2019.