Four #QAnon Nutbags Are Running For The US House

NBC News reports:

At first glance, Matthew Lusk’s campaign signs look like any other Republican candidate’s. On one side, they read, “Matthew Lusk for Congress,” and “Putting America First.” But as he flipped the signs over while loading them into a hatchback near his home in Florida earlier this year, he pointed out a detail pasted on the back of one: a black letter “Q.”

“You never know when you’ll run into somebody else who’s interested in Q,” he said. Lusk is running unopposed in the Republican primary for Florida’s 5th Congressional District. Among the 51 issues listed on his campaign website is “Q.” And he’s not alone.

NBC News has identified four candidates who have shared or promoted messages affiliated with the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory — either through campaign Twitter accounts or in interviews with the news organization. All four are running in primaries for Congress — two of them unopposed.

In August the FBI listed QAnon followers as potential domestic terrorism threats after several violent incidents.