Feds Bust White Supremacist Plot To Bomb Synagogue

The Denver Post reports:

A 27-year-old man is accused in federal court of domestic terrorism for plotting an attack on Temple Emanuel in Pueblo and spreading white supremacist views encouraging acts of violence, according to federal court documents.

Richard Holzer allegedly met an undercover agent on Friday at a motel with explosives he intended to use on the synagogue. He also threatened to poison water at the temple to kill congregants, according to an affidavit filed Saturday in U.S. District Court in Colorado.

When the undercover agent raised the possibility that someone might be in the building when the bomb detonated, “Holzer stated that he did not think anyone would be there, but that if they were, Holzer would not care because they would be Jews,” the affidavit said.

Hit the link for how they nabbed him.