Evangelist: Socialism Encourages Bestiality, That’s Why Sweden Lets You Marry Dogs, Cats, Horses, And Pigs

“When you raise up kids in the socialist mind factories of education, which are deliberately designed to dumb you down so that you can’t think critically about the horrors of socialism, the byproduct is, to be blunt, you go insane in different compartments of reality in your life.

“When you allow your mind to be formed, and shaped, and programmed by socialist education, it literally, on a neurological level, warps and distorts your brain, your perception, and your critical thinking skills.

“Why is it that the nation that all of these socialist candidates in the United States point to as the great success story for socialism – Sweden, that’s the nation they point to.

“Why does that also happen to be the nation where for many years they legalized sex between humans and animals and allowed people to marry their dogs, cats, and horses, and pigs?” – End Times scamvangelist Paul McQuire, appearing on a Christian web show.

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