Evangelicals Shush Trump’s Accusers In Jesus’ Name: They Shall Be As Silent As The Finger Of God’s Justice

“I want us to stretch our hand out and put one finger over our mouth as a prophetic sign that all the accusations, the lies, the agenda of evil, shall be silent as the finger of God as justice comes and silents and shuts the mouths and exposes their agenda that has no breath, no expression, no sound, no manifestation. Put your finger up to your mouth! We speak now! SHHHH!” – Pastor Hank Kunneman, with his obedient handmaid Brenda.

In recent months Kunneman has claimed that his prayers “derailed” the Mueller investigation, that legal abortion gives “demonic spirits” the “legal right” to carry out school shootings, and that God anointed Trump to give Christians the “blood right” to rule America. He also says that God’s sign that Christianity will once again control America will come in the form of a holy thumb drive.