Elderly Fox Viewers Targeted In “Deep State” Scam

Law & Crime reports:

A lengthy exposé by Quartz shows how Chase Metals used “fear and Facebook,” allegedly to scam the elderly out of their retirement funds. And all of that fear was transformed into financial security paranoia–keyed toward a certain ideological faction of late-aged Americans.

Screenshots of Facebook ads show that Fox News viewers were specifically targeted. “Is Your Retirement Protected from the Deep State?” asks one yellow headline in a Facebook advertisement featuring a photo of a white, grey-haired, and blue-eyed couple tenderly embracing one another and seemingly wracked with concern about their future.

“SEAN HANNITY VIEWERS CALL NOW!” the button at the bottom of the investment advertisement implored. The phone number associated with that advertisement is no longer in operation.

Read the full Quartz report to learn how the scam worked. Some seniors are out tens of thousands of dollars.