DALLAS: Straight Pride Rally Draws Two Attendees

Three if you count the Proud Boy who showed up late.

The Advocate reports:

A Straight Pride event at Dallas City Hall plaza attracted three supporters on Saturday. The march was hosted by the anti-LGBTQ group Protecting Our Next Generations (PONG). On its Facebook, the group promised the event would include discussions of abortion (“it is murder”), marriage values (“one man and one woman”) and genders (“there are only two”). An event flyer also posted on page reads that “we as Americans are allowing our values and morals to be compromised.”

“I knew that attendance would be low, but I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw that it was just them,” activist Soraya Colli told the Advocate. But according to Colli, only two people showed up for much of the event. Both men were from Boston, the Dallas Voice reported; the local PONG member who organized the march was not present. “Much later, they were joined by a member of the Dallas Proud Boys and a woman named Princess Vanna,” Colli tweeted.