Court Boots Loomer’s “Nonsensical” Suit Against CAIR

Jared Holt reports at Right Wing Watch:

Anti-Muslim activist Laura Loomer, who is currently pursuing elected office in Florida, utterly failed in her attempt to sue the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

On Monday, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida dismissed the remainder of Loomer’s lawsuit against the organization on the basis that it “fail[ed] as a matter of law” and was “nonsensical.”

In April, Loomer announced that she had filed a lawsuit against CAIR, CAIR Florida, and Twitter in a Florida court based on the false allegation that CAIR had instigated Loomer’s permanent ban from Twitter; Loomer was actually banned because she repeatedly violated the site’s rules against hateful conduct.

Loomer filed the suit after pranksters convinced her that CAIR was behind her banning.

One of the pranksters filed an affidavit in the suit attesting to having owned her.

Loomer is separately suing Twitter for $3 billion. Her attorney in that case is nutbag Larry Klayman.