CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

ABC News reports:

A home under construction in a rural part of Hernando County has a unique addition to the backyard that has people living directly behind it concerned for their safety. The homeowner is building a private gun range. The backstop ends just feet from where the property line of another home in the Weeki Wachee neighborhood begins. “I think a sane person would not even remotely consider doing this,” Misty Cintron said.

“The fact that he can shoot at me, and I can’t shoot at him is not equal protection. The fact that there is not a clear distance, and he is shooting military-grade weapons that are not accessible to the average person in Florida, that’s not equal protection.” Cintron’s property is less than an acre so she can’t legally fire a weapon recreationally. Just on the other side of her property line, her neighbor’s acreage is well within the legal requirement.