Bloomberg: I’ve Got The Money To Get Things Done

The New York Times reports:

The most consistent theme of the day, from the moment Mr. Bloomberg entered the casual D’Egg Diner, painted in subdued orange and off-white, was the financial firepower he has brought to the Democratic Party and some of its favorite causes.

In his remarks to the news media, Mr. Bloomberg invoked his record as mayor and his advocacy on issues like climate change and gun violence, education and smoking, and positioned himself as a political moderate who could bring the country together.

Speaking to reporters at a nearby Hilton soon after, Mr. Bloomberg noted he had spent “hundreds of millions of dollars fighting the N.R.A.,” including considerable “monies that we provided on gun safety” in Virginia’s recent elections, and had used his fortune to take on the coal and tobacco industries.

Bloomberg opened his campaign this week with a multi-million dollar television blitz that has blanketed cable news outlets.