Biden Campaign Blasts Lindsey Graham: He “Forfeited His Conscience” Because He’s Afraid Of Mean Tweets

Politico reports:

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign accused Sen. Lindsey Graham of having “forfeited his conscience” for requesting State Department records concerning the former vice president’s efforts to oust a corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor in 2016.

The broadside against Graham signaled a new phase of the Biden campaign’s counterattack against President Donald Trump — whose attempts to have Biden and his son investigated in Ukraine have led to his looming impeachment — by pointing out that congressional Republicans saw no scandal regarding the Bidens until it became a political issue for Trump.

“Trump is now counting on his Republican enablers in the Senate to bail him out,” Biden spokesman Andrew Bates told POLITICO. “Driven by fear of a mean tweet, they are falling in line, peddling the same disproven lies we’ve heard for months. Lindsey Graham has forfeited his conscience to escape a primary.”