Alex Jones Names Alleged Juror In Roger Stone Trial

“Media Matters goes, ‘Jones could get arrested for jury tampering and harassing jurors.’ It’s completely legal and lawful when someone is a public figure. What if Brad Pitt was on the jury? What if Obama was on the jury? What if it was Robert Mueller?

“What if it was Hillary Clinton? What if it was Chelsea Clinton? ‘Oh, she got called. Oh, she’s on it. Oh, Chelsea Clinton is going to sit on the jury for Roger Stone.’ You’d say, ‘That’s crazy. Get her off.’ It’s the same thing.

It’s one of their minions, and we’ve got her name, and we’re going to release it because that’s what the press does. I know there’s a war on the press and WikilLeaks’ founder’s is in — basically on death’s doorstep, can’t even talk, in solitary confinement — Julian Assange.

“But somebody’s got to stand up against this, and somebody’s got to say no to this.” – Alex Jones, who reported just did name a person sitting on Roger Stone’s jury in the federal trial taking place in Florida.